Thinking of Selling your property?

8 Steps To Selling Your Tidewater Home:

1. Determining if you want to sell:

There are a lot of different factors involved in whether you should sell or not.

Typically, motivation is determined by a desired change in location or because an owner isn’t using a 2nd home as much as they once did.

A seller’s motivation is important because it can dictate the time frame that the sale needs to take place in which affects the marketing and pricing strategy that should be used.

2. Meet with someone from our team;

When we meet we’ll discuss more than just the comps. It’s easy to be a “comp expert” we’ll show you the difference between being a comp expert and being a Market Expert.

What is the ideal time frame for you to sell your home? We’ll help devise a marketing and pricing strategy that will allow you to sell your home for the best price possible within the time frame that works for your plans.

3. Determine Listing Price and Marketing Strategy:

I’ll create a custom marketing package for your property based off of current market conditions. We’ll review market data and establish the correct pricing strategy to get your home exposed to the most motivated buyers.

Our goal is to get you the most money possible in the time frame that works for you.

4. Prepare Your Home For Sale:

Now that we’ve chosen to work with each other, I’ll give you some feedback on things that you can do within the home to increase the appeal that it has vs. your competition.

Curb appeal is important and I’ll walk through the property with the eyes of a buyer and give feedback that can help you make decisions on what you can do to increase the demand for your home.

I’ll open my vendor list for you if you need help in preparation. I have business relationships with everyone you could need from cleaning to construction.

5. Marketing Your Property:

This is where I get to work. I will engage an active marketing campaign to ensure that your home gets as much exposure as possible.

Along with Virtual Tours, and High Quality photography, I will create a unique website for your property that you can share with your social media circles.

We’ll place the home on youtube as well as my personal and company social media channels. We use a SYNDICATION service that I pay for to make sure your property is on hundreds of the most popular websites.

I know that lack of communication during the listing process is the #1 complaint from sellers about their past agents.

I have a full team that works to communicate the feedback we are receiving on your home. You’ll get all of the feedback that we get. We know that in order to make the best decisions you need the information.

6. Receive Offers and Negotiate For Top Dollar

When offers come in, we’ll review all of the details and lay out your options. With our current market conditions, buyers are typically coming in with fair offers.

If we get an offer that is in the range of market value we’ll discuss your goals and work to find a solution that helps you accomplish your goals and pull the deal together.

If we can’t pull the detail together we’ll work hard to generate another acceptable offer.

7. Closing Your Sale

We’ll begin the closing process as soon as we have a ratified contract. There are a lot of moving parts involved in the closing.

While we don’t have a lot of actual control over what happens during inspections, appraisals, etc. our goal is to keep you informed and avoid any pitfalls during the closing.

Challenges and setbacks during the closing process are normal. We know that the closing can be frustrating because you have a lot going on. We’ll work hard to minimize your stress during this time.

8. Closing Day

This is the last step. You sign your closing docs, and move on to the next step in your life. If you’re staying here, hopefully we’ve been able to find you a new perfect home. If you’re leaving our area, we’ll make sure you always have a business partner here for any friends and family who may need us in the future.